Young workers' rights

The Act determines the rights and obligations of workers including the worker's right to decline to perform work in the following cases:

  • if he or she is not informed beforehand of all potential risks involved, or if the employer has failed to provide the prescribed health check,    
  • if he or she is exposed to an imminent risk to health or life because the prescribed safety measures have not been implemented; in such case a worker is entitled to demand the risk to be eliminated,  
  • if he or she is under obligation to perform work exceeding the full working time or night work despite the fact that, in the opinion of an authorised physician, such work might impair his or her health,
  • in the case that the employer fails to eliminate the risk or to act in accordance with the opinions of the authorised physician, the worker may demand the intervention of the Labour Inspectorate and notify the workers' council or the worker safety representative.   

The worker has a duty to:

  • observe the prescribed safety measures, use the prescribed means and personal protective equipment and undergo the health checks in accordance with this Act and the regulations issued on the basis thereof,
  • inform the employer through the workers' representatives either in writing or orally of any deficiency, health risk, damage or other occurrence that may endanger his or her own health and safety at work or those of other workers,
  • cooperate with the employer and the worker safety representative at all times to ensure that the working environment and the working conditions are safe and that the measures proposed by the Labour Inspectorate are implemented.

Other Rules and Regulations in the field of occupational safety and health