First employment

An employer shall be responsible for safety and health at work and must comply with the regulations regarding safety and health at work.

But despite the fact that the employer is responsible for your safety and health, don’t wait but do take care of your safety and health at work yourself as soon as possible. You can do that by actively getting involved in the process of ensuring safety and health at work, particularly by obtaining information.

Usually we all (probably you, too) ask ourselves the following questions related to our work:

  1. What do I look like?
  2. What do my colleagues think about me?
  3. Will I be able to keep the job?
  4. How much will I earn?

However, other aspects of work should be taken into consideration as well, particularly if we don’t want to get injured or fall ill because of the work we do.

Before starting to work, ask yourself the following questions and try to get the appropriate answers (from the employer, superiors):

  1. What information, rules, instructions that apply within the company should I be aware of to be able to perform my work safely?
  2. What are the dangers and risks that I should know about? How are such risks controlled in the company? What should I do in this regard?
  3. What safe work training should I undergo? When will I receive such training?
  4. Do any of the work tasks I will be performing demand additional special training (e.g. safe forklift management)?
  5. What personal protective equipment will I have to use? Will I receive appropriate training concerning the use and maintenance of this equipment?
  6. Where are fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment located? What training will I receive in this respect and when?
  7. Where are emergency exits located? Where is the first aid kit? Who is trained to give first aid at my department?
  8. Is there a worker safety representative in the company? Who is that?
  9. Does the company hold regular meetings concerning safety and health at work?

Find the answers to the questions asked on time! Your employer has a duty to provide you with all appropriate instructions and information on safety and health related to the carrying out of your work.

What rights and obligations do you have related to work?

You have the right:

  • to know what hazards are present at your workplace, what you have to do for your safety and how to act in case of accident or emergency;
  • to free information, instructions and training on your work;
  • to free personal protective equipment,
  • to ask questions, report potential dangerous conditions or practices and cooperate with the employer as regards the issues of occupational safety.
  • to decline hazardous work.

You may decline hazardous work if:

  • you were not informed beforehand of all hazards and risks at work (the employer must inform you of a document referred to as Statement on Safety including a Risk Assessment),
  • if your employer has failed to provide the appropriate (prescribed) health examination,
  • you are exposed to an imminent danger to life and health because the appropriate safety measures have not been implemented,
  • if you have to perform work exceeding the full working time or night work if, in the opinion of the authorised medical practitioner (who has examined you before you started to work), such work would impair your health.

You have got many rights related to performing work duties and also some important obligations and responsibilities:

  1. You must comply with the employer's safety measures and use the working as well as protective equipment to ensure your safety and the safety of your colleagues.  
  2. You must inform your superiors of any, even the least significant deficiency, health risk, damage or other occurrence that may endanger your safety and health at work. You must do so in particular in case of an accident.       
  3. If the dangerous conditions are not eliminated, you must report that to the Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia (Parmova 33, 1000 Ljubljana, Phone: 01 280 36 60).  

Young workers, if you find yourselves in trouble, if you need help concerning safety and health at work, you may:

  • talk to your superior,
  • talk to your worker safety representative,
  • talk to the physician responsible for health in your company,
  • talks to your parents, teachers and other adults you trust.
  • If necessary, you may turn to the Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia and lodge a complaint.